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product_pallet.jpg (16391 bytes)Roy Henry & Co.Ltd., has been a market leader in the supply of pallets & case materials for over 27 years. We currently supply over 2000 m3 of timber a week to a broad range of customers from our stocks of imported timber or from a number of quality UK and Irish sawmills

We keep an ever changing stockholding of all the most popular dimensions at our store on the east coast available for immediate delivery. A copy of the most up to date stock list and a list of goods priced for clearance are available for perusal on the Current Stock/Offers page although a call to the office is always advised to check availability as things can change rapidly !!!! 

notch.gif (457 bytes)We can also offer from our sawmills, a notching service for bearers and we welcome your enquiries for products of this nature.

In addition to this stock pool of standard dimensions, many customers choose to take advantage of the companies personal quayside stock management service, assisting in continuous supply and production of non-standard and difficult to purchase contract sizes specific of course to your personal requirements.

However, in reality, most of our valued customers choose to buy from us in both ways, for the complete timber supply service with a personal touch.

We also supply timber from a number of quality UK and Irish Sawmills with whom, over time, we have built up close contacts. Most specifications and sizes can be offered to the customer who prefers timber from closer to home. We can offer 1st mixed and second grade and in more or less any size that is requested.


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fence_1.jpg (10365 bytes) fence_2.jpg (16738 bytes) The first load delivered to a customer by the company over 25 years ago now, consisted of 10 packs of Portuguese Pine waney one edge slats!
We are proud to say that on the back of these humble foundations built all those years ago, fencing materials, including of course Portuguese slats still form a large part of the companies product range. fence_3.jpg (13604 bytes) fence_4.jpg (10230 bytes)
We invariably keep the following always available :-
Waney Edge
1822x127x4.7  -  avg 5" x 3/16"
Portuguese Pine single waney
Home grown single waney
Latvian double waney
16 x 38 mm    72", 69", 60", 57", 48", and 45" lengths
19 x 38 mm    72", 60" and 48"
35 x 45 x 1828mm
25 x 50 x 1828mm
Ex 16 x 40 x 1828mm
Ex 16 x 44 x 1828 mm
Ex 19 x 50 x 1828mm
Ex 19 x 63 x 1828 mm
Feather Edge Ex 22 x 125 mm 1.8, 1.5m, 1.2m
Decking 35 x 125 x 2.4 - 4.8m
Speciality items e.g 32 x 32 mm Rails / 4.7 x 50 mm Strips 18 x 50 mm Square rails /

In addition to panel components, a broad range of items to manufacture this ever popular style of timber fencing are supplied.

Pressure treated green or brown. We supply any size that you require delivered mixed on a load.

Posts / Rails – square, cant or arris / closeboard Ex 100mm / 125 mm or 150 mm / gravel boards / gate posts or anything else you require.


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Following on from a successful launch in 2000 of our range of ready manufactured garden products,  our aim is to build on this success and expand for the future.

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Products include high quality diamond lattice panels in many shapes and sizes, lightweight trellis, log roll, planter boxes and many other items including picket fencing, border log roll edging and various garden arch’s supplied in flat pack form. For further details contact us for a full colour brochure and current prices.


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We stockhold a range of timbers used by the shed manufacturing trade including the following available for immediate delivery at all times. All our goods are kept under cover and are machined ex 4ths and better. This ensures that we do not have any of the quality problems associated with inferior cheaper grades such as economy or 6ths. We find many customers come to us having been sold cheaper timber elsewhere and then find that a large percentage is unfit for use.

We also supply direct to a customers yard in lorry loads from our mill thus being able to pass on savings in RH & D and quay charges. Please contact the sales team for an up to date price.

Components for Shed Manufacture

4th & Better Swedish Red/whitewood

Lengths 1.8m - 5.4m - One length per pack. - All sizes nominal.

product_shiplap.gif (211 bytes) 16 x 125mm Shiplap
product_matching.gif (200 bytes) 16 x 125mm Matching
product_loglap.gif (268 bytes) 22 x 100mm & 38x150 Loglap
product_38_50.gif (146 bytes) 38 x 50mm Framing
product_38_50.gif (146 bytes) 38 x 38mm Framing

Diagrams are for indication of profile only, and are not to scale. All sizes are nominal.


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Although the products mentioned remain our core business we also have a thriving trade in various other areas as a result of our commitment to service, the sheer range of contacts we have and the good name we enjoy around the globe.

We supply large volume of scaffold blanks, bed slats, telegraph poles, pit prop material, dunnage, material for specialised packaging applications amongst other items.


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